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For more information on any of the courses listed below please contact our Squadron Educational Officer:

Lt/C Paula F. Mizell, JN

(919) 261‑6785

or contact the instructor for the course.

United States Power Squadrons® also offers several on-line courses which are available to all.

America's Boating Course®

Learn the fundamentals of safe boating in a 1-day classroom course OR take the online class.

Boat Handling

Practical boat-handling instruction beyond the introductory America's Boating Course®.

Next Class: January 10, 2019

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Marine Navigation - Piloting

The USPS Piloting (Marine Navigation) course is the first in the sequence of USPS courses on Marine Navigation, covering the basics of coastal and inland navigation.

Advanced Piloting

Position by bearing, soundings, and angles; tides and currents; speed-time-distance accuracy; and much more.

Junior Navigation

Celestial navigation: Using a sextant, a watch and a Nautical Almanac, determine your location (Latitude & Longitude) on Earth using the Sun.


Extend your knowledge of celestial navigation; astronomical phenomena; mathematical principals; practical applications.
Prerequisite: Junior Navigation

Weather - Online Classes available from USPS and the University of West Fla.

Learn to read a weather map and the sky; interpret cloud formations and sequences. Two online course options are available.

Engine Maintenance

This course teaches the principles of gas (inboard & outboard)  and diesel engines and the cooling, lubrication, ignition, and fuel systems.

Next Class: January 9, 2019

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Handling, anchoring, mooring, docking, stability, true and apparent wind, rigs and hulls, sailing theory, laying up and fitting out.

Cruising and Cruise Planning

Where to go, what to see; what to take (and not take); all the details that need to be planned before you go.

Marine Electrical Systems (MES)

The original "Marine Electronics" is currently two separate courses, Marine Electrical Systems (MES, this course) and Marine Communications Systems (MCS).

Operations Training Course

This course informs you about all aspects of USPS.It will help you understand why it takes so many people to keep the squadron running.

Marine Communications Systems (MCS)

Marine Electronics is currently two separate courses, Marine Communications Systems (MCS, this course) and Marine Electrical Systems (MES).

Next Class: In Progress

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Instructor Development

If you have enjoyed learning boating skills from USPS, please consider joining our instructional team by taking the ID course which leads to USPS certification so that you can help teach our courses.